With the team of more than 20 certified and professional lawyers and legal consultants who both graduated from local and international renowned universities along with company's effort and commitment to bring high - quality legal services by professional and responsible working style, the Vietnam National Law Consultancy company has been accompanying and supporting thousands of customer for a long time as their reliable legal consultant who satisfies every strict demand of customers.

Starting a new business in a foreign country is usually difficult due to the difference in languages, regulations, legal procedures, markets of the its home country and the foreign one. Without
investors are likely to get their failures in their market expansion. By realizing such difficulties for many years, The team of professional lawyers of Vietnam National Law is ready to help you successfully launch your investment today!

Vietnam Investment Consulting and Construction Designing JSC., formerly known as Consultants, Designers and Constructors Corporation (CDC) equitized under Decision No. 38 / QD-BXD dated 10/01/2007 issued by Ministry of Construction, is working on the most powerful fields of consulting. The non-stop development led CDC to become the 1st class consulting company  and 2nd company in construction field received the International Certification on Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000 granted by AFAQ- ASCERT International (AAI).

With a team of over 285 staffs of CDC are consultants, designers and experienced experts are working at home and international countries with various professional and wide experiences, work in large field of construction:  constructions of civil , Industry, traffic, irrigational works, technical infrastructure and environment, etc ..

Private Equity–Venture

capital financing is a higher risk, higher return investment. With these investments, CNM is seeking to help an entrepreneur achieve his or her corporate strategy by investing seed, angel, or mezzanine equity capital. These investments may be in proven industries but a first-time for the entrepreneur that CNM is backing. Conversely, these investments may be in new technology, which has not been commercialized yet but has the strengths and abilities to revolution a market.
Private Equity–Growth Capital

As a private equity manager, CNM is faced with a strong incentive to earn high rates of return by increasing the value of our portfolio companies. In terms of talent, we collaborate amongst the best and the brightest in the industry.
Our private equity strategy is to invest growth capital into operating businesses at heavily discounted valuations. We are able to find these opportunities in the smaller-sized end of the market. Throughout the investment-holding period we focus on operational improvements and market growth as we work to “institutionalize” the investment. As we work with and nurture the investment, the business is able to

to a significantly higher level of professionalism. This allows us to extract the optimum quantum of value for our investors at the time of exit.
Private Equity–Consolidations

Business consolidations of small organizations in the same industry are a great way to create and take advantage of synergies. This strategy involves the acquisition of many small companies in a similar industry in order to increase equity value for shareholders. By leveraging the strengths of each organization and crossing them over the each other CNM

Vietnam SEO services

SEO services help to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine. SEO service providers offer a wide range of services such as keyword and keyphrase optimization and research, technical website SEO audits, optimization of specific pages, robots.txt and sitemaps and additional tasks as deemed appropriate for the client's website and business needs.
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